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Qigong of Inner Empowerment


$1899 (double occupancy)

$600 - The first of 3 payments for the early bird price. Other two payment will be for $700 each by 7/30 and 8/9/2019.

3 installment payments of $700. Only applicable for those making multiple payments for the Early Bird Price.

Non-refundable, Space is limited

Please send your money via “friends family” feature on paypal to so that no deductions will be incurred.” You must make your own reservations to arrive on August 10, 2019 and depart on August 17, 2019.

For more detailed information contact
Wayne B. Chandler at:

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Qigong is an “authentic” system that when practiced on a regular basis leads one into the depths of their Cultivation of Internal Power as well as the experience we refer to as Self Empowerment. To truly understand Self Empowerment and its relationship to Qigong, one must know exactly “what” the science of Qigong does in the transformation of Body Mind Spirit. Qigong literally means energy work and it is the practice of one’s learning to control the “movement of their LifeForce” internally, using the breath and the Mind. In this, one develops increased Life Energy which in turn manifests improved physical health, greater mental/emotional balance and clarity, Spiritual attunement and Attainment, and the activation and release of “Hidden” unknown powers, abilities and other transcendental attributes.

From the cultivation of these various resources, one gains authentic Personal Power. A power that is practical and can be used in your daily life to create greater prosperity, more abundance in its many aspects, the ability to shift and manipulate the Hologram thereby allowing one to create the outcome of their daily realities.

In a time when Earth’s planetary frequencies are changing so rapidly, it is Qigong that will actually align one to these profound shifts so that they are integrated and synchronized with these rapidly changing vibrational fields which are now enveloping us.

Come Join us on this Re- treat to Qigong Self Empowerment where you will learn how to experience the internal power of your 4th-dimensional self and use that for greater productivity in your everyday life & how to manifest your intentions and turn them into constructive tangible goals, to empower yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.


  • Implement Ancient Qigong Techniques to Heal and Balance your Body, Mind, & Spirit

  • Magnify your Manifestation Power through Breath and Visualization

  • Amplify Your Sexual Vitality with Taoist Tantric Qigong Practices

  • Transmute Your Stress Energy into Positive Life-force

  • Cultivate Your Creative Essence & Sexual Energy

  • Learn How to Circulate and Channel Your Qi (life-force)

  • Become More Sensitive to Feeling Qi

  • Empower your Vital Organs for Longevity and Health

  • Increase Your Vibration and Spiritual Awareness

Not to mention you’ll:

  • Enjoy delicious, nutritious, plant-based cuisine catered by a Vegan Chef

  • Enjoy field trips to the beach

  • Have time for shopping and other fun activities

  • Study with Masters in Paradise!

My experience of Wayne Chandler was that he is a serious and dedicated teacher. I have learned from his teachings in Qi Gong, how capable we are of affecting and changing our energy levels as well as our healing. From doing his exercises, I have gained more energy and also have been able to change the course of both illness and injury.
— Lauri M.
Wayne’s Qi Gong retreats are an immersion into the art and science of internal energy work. The disciplines, teachings and exercises are hands-on and organic. The small groups create an intimate setting of one-on-one feedback and training that involves active and applied participation.
— Paul K.
Wayne has empowered me with the understanding and tools to be entirely in charge of my physical, mental, and spiritual help through simple, yet life changing tools. I now incorporate my qi gong into my daily routine, 10 minutes in the morning, and before bed, which has significantly improved my mindfulness, energy levels, and productivity throughout the day. Wayne is accessible, caring, and a very effective teacher.
— Boyuan G.
Nicole has such a beautiful energy. I feel instantly calmer, more grounded and more hopeful in her presence. Her Qigong instruction method is superb. She calmly explains things in relat- able ways. She demonstrates the movements so they are easy to follow and replicate. She gives just the right amount of verbal cueing so you do the movements in a way that leaves room for you to explore and feel into your own wisdom without being overwhelmed by too much instruction. I met Nicole when I was going through an excruciating grief process, and in a very short time she has helped me start to move safely, gracefully and productively through my sadness with some sense of calm, hope and empowerment.
— M. Monson
I highly recommend Nicole. I’ve taken two Qigong classes with Nicole. Beyond enjoying the class, I walked away informed, enlightened and energized. I appreciate the “a-ha” moments while on the spiritual journey and I had several during the Qigong classes.
— Rev. A. Farmer
I have been a massage client of Nicole’s for over a year. I was im- mediately struck by not only her skill but also her intuitive sense. When she mentioned Qigong to me, I was intrigued. Breathing and moving energy was the level of work I could handle and I knew I was in sure hands. I have taken several classes with Ni- cole and in each one, I have reached a new level of awareness, peace, power, and calm. I’ll take every class I can with her. I have also introduced several others to the practice and it has become a body-positive activity for us to do together. Go see Nicole, for massage, to access her knowledge and enthusiasm about qigong, and to meet a wonderful person and talented practitioner.
— N. Stevens
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